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2023 OMY LADY Ginger+Deep sea salt Anti-hair loss Shampoo

2023 OMY LADY Ginger+Deep sea salt Anti-hair loss Shampoo

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Product Description
Nowadays ,The number of persons with hair loss is on the rise, there are four common signs for hair loss,Postpartum alopecia, Alopecia due to mental pressure,Alopecia seborrheica,After hair dying and perming.
hair loss treatment
Are you troubled with hair problem ?
Irregular work? improper diet?lack of sleep? stress from work?
Bald/Hair/Loss/Dandruff/Usual care

Don't worry , you got a tool which is professional with dealing hair loss and dandruff problem
OMY LADY anti- hair loss shampoo

Product Name
OMY LADY Anti-hair loss shampoo
Main Ingredient
Ginger extract + Deep sea salt +  Vitamin B + Ginseng extract+ Coconut oil + Cypress leaves
Prevent hair loss , promote hair regrowth ,anti-Dandruff
100% Natural & Organic, Silicon oil -Free, No animal fat, Mineral oil free 
Men & Women


Ginger is recognized in the world as a natural plant that prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth. A long time ago, the ancients applied ginger slices to the bald scalp to promote hair growth. They also grind ginger and wipe the scalp with the juice to prevent hair loss and grow hair.

Natural sea salt

Precious natural sea salt ingredients added to provide adequate nutrition for hair follicles, deep cleansing of scalp dirt, promote blood circulation, and balance the required minerals and salinity.Can effectively protect the scalp and reduce the production of dandruff.
Combined with other natural and precious plant formulas
Adopts the superior old ginger essence and deep sea salt, combined with other natural and precious plant formulas, can effectively penetrate the scalp and clean the hair follicles to achieve the effect of anti-inflammatory, anti-itch and anti-dandruff.
hair loss treatment
Solving hair problem with 3 steps
step 1 Improve the scalp condition clean the scalp well Maintain the balance of water and oil.Repair
hair and provide necessary conditions for new hair roots.

step 2 Consolidate hair,strengthen hair root, reduce the hair loss situation.

step 3 The nutritional ingredients can immediately repair hair follicle ducts. Maintain the healty of the
scalp and hair root, restore scalp nutrition, reduce hair loss, activate hair growth.
100% organic ,natural and safe
100% organic ,natural and safe
no Lead mercury
No pigment
Silicon oil -free
No animal fat
Mineral oil-free
Effective Period
How long does it take for a situation with hair loss?
During the normal care cycle, the hair loss problem can be improved after 14 days of use. After continuous use, you will find that the hair is falling less .
How long does it take for a hair growth(Bald problem)?
During the normal care cycle, the product will take effect after 8 weeks of use. the small villi grow out from hair follicles and just observe it by naked eye.
hair loss treatment
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